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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Quick Update and Changes to Blog (+ PicoCTF 2018 Writeups Finished!)

Sorry for the lack of activity recently.  I have been with multiple CTFs as well as HacktheBox to learn more about cyber security.  This learning experience has taught me an insane amount of new knowledge and I feel completely transformed, especially in regards with enumeration, reversing, and binary exploitation.  Anyways, now that I have finally achieved the Omniscient rank on HTB and finished both endgames and the fortress (my profile is will135), I have time once again to return to work on this blog of mine.  Rather then describing broad topics in cyber security, I will be zoning in into specific projects and topics that interest me.  I will be publishing writeups of retired challenges and boxes from CTFs as well as HackTheBox.  Lastly, I plan on continuing a few more tutorials, such as the one about heap exploitation (which I only wrote one lesson for previously).  Stay tuned!

By the way, please check out my complete writeup to PicoCTF 2018.  I am missing three challenges that I never got to solving though: LambDash, FreeCalc, and NoArgs.

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